Take control over project costs and resource consumption

Visec menue is a cloud-based, powerful and intuitive project manager that enables complete control at every stage. Visec menue helps you to monitor, control and forecast project costs throughout the complete project lifecycle.  



From forecast to post calculation to forecast


Business management, project management or controlling – in Visec menu all have the main role and are equally important. When the project is completed, a post-calculation is generated that can be analysed and used as a forecast for the next project.


Secured follow-up of construction projects


Cost control


In the operational system, the current status of the included sub-contracts can be clearly pictured. This information is completed with all other costs within the project. Additionally the client adds the forecast of changes, both ordered and anticipated. All this information is summarized on a total level instead of under contract details.


Quality assured

Visec menu is quality assured because all values and information are traceable by name and date when stored in the database.

Value creating

Visec menu has been developed in close cooperation with people in the infrastructure construction industry. Forecast management and cost control can be done continuously. Reconciliation with status reports is created periodically or according to requirements. Thanks to the stored history data, we have a picture of what has happened between the reconciliations.

Detailed control of contracts

The project specification list with developed support for the control of a total contractor or multiple sub-contractors is used in several railway projects and ground installations. The development of Visec menue have been guided by the need of construction managers and controllers. New contracts can be started in Visec menu within an hour and benefit from previous work.


Full transparency


Visec menue enables a complete control from project calculation to implemention. The budget and monitoring are integrated with scheduling and financial system for total transparency.


Complete control of order calculation


Result per order

In Visec menu, gross profit per customer and order is displayed immediately after delivery and invoicing. Authorizations in the Visec menu are focused on the responsible for each level of the business. Selling department has control over customer invoicing. Production department has control over costs etc.

Delivery assurance

The selling manager receives a list of orders and current invoicing via the Visec menu. Furthermore, delivery monitoring becomes clearer.

Cost control

The production manager can check the price and quality of the material according to the specifications list in Visec menue. Supplier invoices are stored per customer order and labour input can be compared with pre-calculation.

Price database

In Visec menu, all costs are reported per customer order. This creates a price database that reduces risk during the calculation of new offer requests.


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